Spring Into Summer

Welcome to spring! Spring is the time of new beginnings. Springtime is ruled by the liver. The color of the liver is green. The flavor is sour. The liver rules eyes, ligaments, tendons, and control issues. The liver is the boss of all the organs. Ask yourself, “Am I a gracious, magnanimous boss or am I a cranky tyrant these days?” If you are having issues with allergies, irritability, tendonitis, eye problems or control issues perhaps it is time for a spring cleanse.

In order to help our spring cleansing and transition towards summer, we are offering the following specials at Harmony Healing Center.

Between Now and August 1st:
Pre-pay $240 and get 4 acupuncture treatments!
That’s $60 per visit.
Speak to our office manager about the details. Call 707-829-365.

From now until June 21st we are offering 40% off on Metagenics liver cleanse products. If you have wanted to do a cleanse, but were putting it off, now is the time. Spring time is ruled by the liver. Liver cleanses can help remove environmental toxins from your body such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides as well as medications, alcohol or drugs you have taken in the past. It can help your liver deal with your hormones more efficiently, leading to less irritability, insomnia, anger stress, PMS and hot flashes. It can help heal tendinitis and improve eye sight since both tendons and eyes are ruled by the liver. Many of us (including me) are currently doing this cleanse. Do it now while the proper season is here and you can have support from others who are doing it as well!