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Harmony Healing Center Sebastopol Acupuncture

Harmony Healing Center in Sebastopol, is a peaceful, semi-rural Chinese Medicine and acupuncture clinic. Set in the idyllic surroundings of 15 acres of land, a major creek that runs year round, Chinese and Western herb gardens, flowers, organic veggies and fruit trees, just coming here for care is healing in itself. The trident maple and persimmon trees gently shade the clinic and many people find themselves slowing down and breathing more deeply, even before they begin their treatment.

With windows that open to the nature sounds of birds, crickets, frogs, wind and wind chimes, many who come here appreciate the peace and quiet of being treated outside of town in North West Sebastopol. We have an unwavering commitment to sustainability and ecologically sound practices here at the clinic.

When Visiting

We would appreciate 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment. Please come with as little caffeine in your system as possible and with a small amount of food in your belly.

Our rural parking lot is unpaved and can be mucky in the winter months. Please wear foot gear that is appropriate! A flashlight may be helpful in the winter as well.

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